Emerald 15FT LED Strip Lights, Colored USB TV Backlight with Remote, 16 Color Lights Active

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The Emerald (SM-720-1638) strip light can be used to transform any room into a party, it can be placed behind your TV, by your desk, by your stairs, in your living room, by your porch, by the Christmas tree, in your bedroom, and can make any room look more decorative and fun. These lights can be connected to computers, monitors, TVs, anything that has a USB port to help create any vibe you need. With its 16 different color changing lights and 4 modes of function- fade, flash, strobe, smooth, you can set any of your favorite moods and favorite brightness to your desire. These lights can help with eye fatigue caused by the light of the TV and the dark room, making it more comfortable to watch TV. Easy and quick installation it also can be applied outdoors with an outlet adapter, it is not suitable for use in damp spaces.

.Emerald LED Strip Lights, Colored USB TV Backlight with Remote, 16 Color Lights
.Included is a LED strip light, USB cord, and a remote that has 16 color changing lights which can be adjusted to suit the mood of your room easily.
.Adapter not included!
.Dimmable color and brightness, you can adjust and play around with the different colors and brightness from 1% to 100%, great for reducing eye strains and headaches when watching TV.
.The Led strip light can turn any room into a party, it can be used in your living room, kitchen, desk, cabinet, Laptop background lighting, entertainment center, room decorations, home movie theater, and can be suitable for holidays too.
.Easy to install the self-adhesive tape makes it easy to stick on clean dry surface, just simply remove the tape on the back of the strip light and stick onto desired installation area.
.Led Strip lights are long enough and can be cut following the cutting lines to get your desired length
.Working Voltage: USB 5V
.Instruction manual included.